Our Commitment to Electronic Accessibility

Cloud Strategy and Web Services takes electronic accessibility seriously. A systemwide UC Information Technology Accessibility Policy was approved on August 27, 2013.  In support of this policy, CSWS champions both training and education of how to make electronic web communications accessible in addition to providing technical platforms, tools, and services to ensure web communications maintained by our team meet or exceed these standards.

Here are some of things we do.

  • As members of the Electronic Accessibility Leadership Team (EALT), Brett Pollak (CSWS) and Dan Suchy (ACMS) co-chair the Electronic Accessibility Oversight Committee. The systemwide Policy recommends each campus form a committee with representation from a broad range of functional areas that are able to address academic, research, and administrative concerns and needs regarding electronic accessibility.
  • The EALT scans the 10-12 main websites on each campus for accessibility conformance. Scores for those scans are sent to the CIO's of each campus for review and possible remediation depending on the score. 
  • Our templates in the CMS are tested for accessibility conformance via the University of California sponsored SSBart Accessibility testing software. As part of our quality assurance checklist, all websites are scanned by this tool prior to publish to ensure they exceed guidelines.
  • The CMS has features such as "Tidy HTML" that will clean up code to optimize for viewing on a screen reader.
  • In our CMS training course, not only do we walk through the mechanics of updating your web page, we ensure website content updates understand the techniques to make a web page accessible
  • We often get the word out by presenting at forums and meetings to promote electronic accessibility. View one of our recent presentations

If you have any questions about accessibility or would like to receive an accessibility scan for any website you maintain, contact Workplace Technology Services