Common CMS Requests

I want a website refresh.

If you already have a CMS site, but you'd like to talk about updating it, either through a content appraisal or a new look, email and we can get together and go over options.

I want a full-width homepage.

If you'd like a modern feel to your homepage, we recommend a full-width template. The site is a good example. The wide images are 1280x400.

I want a logo for my pages.

You can see an example of a logo on the AIP about page. The image size should be 246x246. We can put it in for you and it will appear on all your pages. Email for more information.

I want Decorator 4.

We really like the new look of Decorator 4, so if you'd like to enable it for your site, it's a quick process that usually only requires uploading re-sized images. For instance, the homepage rotator images should be 1280x400. Email if interested.

I want the profile templates enabled.

We offer three profile templates that can be used in conjunction with each other: a profile page, profile listing page, and profile drawer listing page. These are great for organizing bios, pics of staff, faculty, or any people-oriented section of your site. Email

I want a different theme.

Themes can give your site a slightly different look that makes you stand out, while still being consistent with other UCSD sites.

I want the calendar template.

Tired of a Google calendar that doesn't really fit in with your site? We have a solution that will let you work in Google calendar but display it so that it fits in better. Email about particulars.