Communication and Collaboration Services

Workplace Technology Services offers communication and collaboration tools to increase workplace productivity. 

Email, calendar, directory

We provide email service for UC San Diego faculty and staff. The email system includes calendar and contacts functionality, which can be accessed both on and off campus. In addition, the online directory provides contact information and integrates information with our map and telephone services. We also maintain e-mail distribution lists, "Listserv," in support of University activities and spam filtering to keep out unsafe emails.

  • Campus Exchange Email/ Calendar Service
  • Campus Alerts – Campus-Wide Notifications
  • Mailing Lists
  • Newsgroups
  • ALEN/mailupd (for sysadmins)
  • Campus E-Mail Postmaster (e-mail-support)
  • Campus Mail Gateways, Central Spam and Virus Filtering

File storage, sharing, and collaboration tools

We provide cloud-based solutions that comply with federal and state information security, privacy laws, and regulations, and make it easier than ever to collaborate and manage work.

We continue to evaluate additional cloud-based tools and make them available as needs arise.