DocuSign Engagement Checklist

Department Name:

Process Owner:


Business process review

  • Bus. Process Roadmap – current vs ideal (input, output, nodes, triggers)
  • Data Management – current vs ideal (define data use)
  • Reporting Requirements – current vs ideal (define metrics and reports)
  • Query Requirements – current vs ideal
  • Nodes/Audience – Signers, Senders, Form Managers (identify resource)

Technical tasks

  • User experience optimization (form flow)
  • Field identification and control (labels, standards, risks)
  • Form location and delivery (email, web)
  • Statement of work
  • Timeline

Support/ training

  • Form documentation
  • Designated department form manager “Form Master” role
  • Designated project manager for planning, testing, version control
  • Online Docusign resources
  • Docusign Admin Training options
  • UCSD ITS Docusign resources

What resources do we need to commit to roles?


Account Administrator – users, global settings, branding, management

  • Business partner
  • Guidance and Assistance
  • Standards, Best practices and User Experience
  • Training, planning, user community
  • Service owner
  • Branding and Landing page owner


Form Master Role – Dedicated - can be anyone with knowledge of working with forms

  • Form design, build, edits, updates, bug fixes
  • Business process flow functionality
  • Version control owner
  • User Experience / User Interface
  • Change Management control
  • Documentation

Project Manager Role – Flexible – depends on complexity of form workflows

  • Form purpose / Form functionality
  • Business process planning & Consensus builder
  • User acceptance testing
  • Bug reporting and tracking
  • Change Management vetting 
  • Documentation

How will this work? How do I start using Docusign?

Questions to ponder while we start working with Docusign and ITS…


  • What paper forms are to be converted into an electronic format (eForms)?


  • What data is being collected and why? Do we need to export the data to another application or moved from XML data to a database for reporting


  • Can we simplify the process by standardizing the eForms into an easily repeatable template or PowerForm? Do we need people triggering the process or can we make it a self-service link (Web Page/URL)?


  • Are the signers (recipients) internal UCSD users or members of the public?


  • Do we really need signed forms or do we just need the data?
  • Signed forms: do we need to keep them in a local repository?


  • What manual processes are going to be turned into digital workflows?
  • Who needs to be involved? Is the current process efficient?
  • Do we need to integrate another application (Salesforce, ServiceNow, Sharepoint, etc.) as part of an efficient workflow?


  • Do we need use statistics? How many envelopes (transactions) are happening? Percentage of completed signatures?
  • What kind of reporting are we currently doing? Do we just need data out of the forms?


  • Audits (internal or external), data security standards, HIPAA, FERPA, etc… We need to develop the processes with ITS and our risk managers to ensure that we are utilizing the tool and results correctly.
  • How will we address Audit requirements with a new business process?


  • Do we need actual signed forms and certificates of completion for record-keeping and audit compliance or legal reasons?
  • If we need the actual signed forms, do we have a local repository or tool for storage of these documents with proper versioning and access controls?

Electronic Signatures