Docusign - Electronic Signatures

DocuSign logoWe offer DocuSign as a self-service e-signature solution to manage contracts, forms, and authorizations.


  • Use existing application and enrollment form documents, or create new templates and workflows to simplify the process.
  • Save money on printing, faxing, filing, scanning, distributing, storing, indexing and disaster recovery with all-digital transactions.
  • Create batch templates and automatic signing reminders, significantly reducing the time to administer applications and enrollment packages.
  • Real time tracking of the status of documents so you'll always know where forms are in the process and how many signatures remain.
  • eSignatures provide a more legally binding, fraud-resistant signature than pen and paper, complete with a court-admissible audit trail.

Best for

  • Digital Transaction Management with audit capability.
  • Tracking documents through various stages of workflow.
  • Converting existing paper forms and workflows which require legally binding signatures into digital forms.
  • Common or frequently-used forms or approval requests.
  • (Integration with Salesforce and UCSD-iDocs to simplify workflows and provide a secure document storage solution.)

Not good for

  • File or document storage in Docusign.
  • Business process management.
  • Surveys or data polling.
  • If your processes are broken, Docusign will not fix that issue.

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  1. Review the Docusign rollout plan. (tbd)
  2. Fill out our Docusign Form request form.
  3. Initial pilot testing will start in Q1 of 2016 with HR onboarding.