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Key Considerations when Optimizing Websites for Mobile
When optimizing your career center's website for mobile, it's important to be aware of the hardware and software visitors use to access it.

Following the Technology Trend in Higher Ed
These days, the vast majority of college students have mobile devices. Handheld devices like smartphones and tablets are fast becoming the primary way many people use the Internet. These devices are as integral to students’ educations as textbooks or computers, as students rely on them to obtain important information about their courses, campus news and social activities. As a result, colleges and universities are responding to need and developing mobile websites and smartphone applications that better serve the student population.

Going Responsive: How UC San Diego Did It
UCSD’s deployment of responsive design transformed thousands of web pages to optimally function on any device on the market today– and makes them future-ready for devices yet to be developed.

Higher Ed Responsive Web Design Trail Blazers say ‘Content-First’
Over the past couple of years, the advent of responsive web design has changed the way we think about websites. We no longer need to feel compelled to plan around countless devices. Rather, we can plan for a single web experience that works in unpredictable contexts.

Delivering a Great Experience on Every Device: UC San Diego Edition
A Q & A session with Doug Gapinski of mStoner, discussing our campus-wide implementation of responsive web design.

A Mobile Web Framework for the University of California System
Most higher ed. institutions don't just have one IT department. Creating a cohesive mobile presence in this decentralized environment poses a challenge. The University of California system developed and adopted the Mobile Web Framework. This framework allows each UC campus to build and deploy mobile applications that look and feel the same regardless of the technology used to develop them (Java, .NET, PHP, etc.).

MWF: The UC Mobile Solution
Article from Brett Pollak about the implementation of the UC Mobile Web Framework.

Past Presentations

07/11/12 - CWO Responsive Web Design

Brett Pollak & Cristian Horta

Responsive design has emerged as a solution for making your websites and web applications look great on any device. Team members from the Campus Web Office will talk about:

  • What is responsive design?
  • How does it work?
  • RWD Do's and Don'ts.

Tools and resources you can use to jumpstart development using responsive design.